Procurement & Logistics


Our procurement arm is a new and exciting business area for us. In just over three years, we have been able to locate and purchase a wide variety of goods for our very varied customer base which includes agrovet companies, various grains for relief aid, basic medical supplies, computer equipment, pre-fabricated shelters for housing of people, high end, basic, and specialized motor vehicles, parts and machinery, and various other items that are not always easy to locate in the global market

In doing so, we have discovered many areas where we have been able to expand our operations into, created value additions for our customers, produced cost effective solutions that have saved our customer valuable time and resources that can be deployed elsewhere.
With our proven logistics capabilities, we have been able to offer our customers a continuous chain from procurement to shipping to clearance and final delivery to the ultimate destination with a minimum of fuss, and at very cost effective rates as well.

We have made many friends along the way! Business is about relationships, and a global network of partners and supplies make our work much easier, and enable us to remove the stress of purchasing from our clients.

In addition, we have been able to add value by proposing local solutions where none are assumed to exist, or more pocket friendly foreign solutions where needed.