Here Today, There Tommorrow

Kodiak Logistics Limited is a procurement, cargo solutions & logistics Company that is engaged in regional supplies, Transport and distribution within the East African region, with particular emphasis on Southern Sudan. We work with selected professional logistical and transportation & logistics organizations throughout the world, which link our customers into a seamless network through an integrated information management system. Kodiak Logistics Ltd was incorporated by procurement and transport professionals who have wide experience in purchasing, supply chain management, logistics and transportation throughout Africa.

Together with our partners, we are able to supply virually any items from any part of the world into East and Central Africa. With our networks in local govermental and non govermental communities in the region, our customers have been able to quickly and cost effectively serve their customers' needs. As we recognize that Africa's challenges and attributes are unique, we have been able to transmit an intimate knowledge of operations in Africa to enhance our customers' understanding of the region, and in so doing, assist them to quickly augment their capabilities to suit the end product users.

Local Knowledge, Global Presence

Kodiak Logistics is a registered Company headquartered in Nairobi Kenya with operations throughout the East African region and the rest of the globe.

Created by a Logistics and procurement professional, Kodiak aims to provide customers with tailor made, cost effective solutions designed to meet both the needs of the customer as well as the end product recipient. We have found that bridging the gaps between needs, wants and requirements creates an end solution that is palatable to everyone.

Our Services are mainly focused on the following areas;

  • Procurement
  • Logistics
  • Transportation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Distribution
  • Cargo / Logistics consultancy